about us

3S, acronym of Saldature Speciali Segrate, was established in 1973 by the brothers Gianfranco, Francesco and Evelino.

Thanks to the great experience gained in the sector by the Fiorini brothers, the Company managed to rapidly enter, with great success, both in the air conditioning sector and in the industrial sector, designing and producing heat exchangers for a broad range of applications.

The company specializes in the production of finned block heat exchangers, spiral finned tube heat exchangers and smooth (bare) tube heat exchangers.

Developed according to customer requests, our heat exchangers are produced in different geometries and dimensions up to a maximum of 12 meters in length and can be built with a wide variety of materials, such as: copper, carbon steel (iron), Aisi304L, Aisi316L, Aisi321, Aisi316Ti stainless steel, cupronickel 70-30, cupronickel 90-10, aluminum and titanium.

Our heat exchangers, also called heat exchange coils, based on their specific use, can operate with liquids, gases and/or different types of mixtures.

As for fluids, the main carriers used are:
chilled water, glycol water, hot or superheated water, diathermic oil, as well as numerous special fluids.

As for gases, the main carriers used are:
steam, superheated steam, freon, ammonia, CO2 and different types of mixtures.

3S is one of the leading European manufacturers in the HVAC sector and has 6 production lines dedicated to finned block coils, and has 3 production lines dedicated to spiral finned tubes for decades, the company has worked steadily with the main manufacturers of air handling units (AHUs) in Italy, Europe and the Middle East.

The company is constantly growing and today has 60 employees and is spread over 12,000 square meters divided into three distinct factory units, located in the province of Milan in the municipalities of Cambiago and Trezzano Rosa.


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